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forcing her high-profile

forcing her high-profile

Added 25/10/2012

She wants to pick it up but she is afraid that touch the ache for it! She wanted to have a listen to her voice guy, so she leaves it to apply, invited by her life. Her heart every unknown story narrative to it, when the wind out of date, this one piece full of bitter story leaves all away, since she is no longer a person quietly sad, is no longer a person suffer in silence!

Walking in the noisy restaurant street, watching a superb collection of beautiful things of neon lights to let her see things in a blur -- dim, beating, red, green, yellow, blue looks colorful, some like the meteor fall, some like the screen as screening, as some fireworks bloom. But she can't find her love any one, she didn't know what is sad, only know what can cry, only know what love can not find a reason.

She remembered a few days ago the child saying, " good nature to look at what is beautiful " let her trembling, exclaim is incredible, only just turned 7 years old child, can have such experience. In fact, she was not in good mood, she just like look to the quiet, she just like a relaxed posture. Indeed, the sky is clean and clear, bright sea billows, such as washing, xiangyixiangwei ... ... As the mirror was stranded in the waves after waves and beach camp! Don't know who helped whose beauty, unclear exactly who plays the role of a protagonist. It clearly is an ink landscape painting pen, beauty is not made. Such a wonder how can not call people don't call someone not indulge? In fact, sometimes enjoy only because of the release of her own heart, and not because of her good mood to appreciate!

She knew that the child is really to play fun, if not how can just out of the bath and in the bed, not a few minutes before the hair dry, to drowsiness. She used a mother's eye view looked at the child sleeping posture was so warm that kind of person, that moment her head saying not happiness. Look at the young he, her mind flashed, & love was.

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